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Human Factors / Usability Resources...

HCI Resources: Columns, Articles, and News Portals
HF / Usability Organizations
Usability Design and Style Guides
Standardization Collections/Documents

HCI Resources: Columns, Articles, and News Portals

o        Ask Tog - Essays and opinions from a leading UI design expert
o        Human Factors International - Usability articles and web resources
o        Alertbox: Web Usability - Jakob Neilson’s current issues in Usability
o        Software Design Articles - User interface strategies for software usability
o        e-Newsletter: UI Design Update - Current issues and articles
o        Usability News (BCS HCI) – British HCI Group
o        Usability News (SURL) - Software Usability Research Laboratory
o        User Interface Engineering Articles - Field studies, user behavior, emerging technologies, & other articles

HF / Usability Organizations

o        UPA – Usability Professionals’ Association
o        ACM - Association of Computing Machinery
o        ACM/SIGCHI - Special interest group on computer/human interaction
o        HFES - Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
o        HFT - Human Factors in Telecommunication
o        IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
o        British HCI group
o        STC - Society for Technical Communications
o        The Ergonomics Society
o        IFIP - International Federation for Information Processing
o        Internet Technical Group

Usability Design and Style Guides

o        User Interface Guidelines and Standards (from ACM interactions, by Gary Perlman)
o        Common Desktop Environment (CDE 2.1) Data Sheet
o        HCI Guidelines Code 522 Documentation. Software and Automation Systems Branch, Data Systems Technology Division (DSTD)Mission Operations and Data Systems Directorate (MO&DSD) at the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)
o        FIPS PUB 158-1: The User Interface Component of the Applications Portability Profile. Proposed Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 158-1 (NIST)
o        User Interface Issues (V. Balasubramanian)

Standardization Collections/Documents

o        ANSI Standards Action - Overview of standards documents from ANSI, ISO, IEC, CEN/CENELEC...
o        ISO and IEC Draft International Standards
o        Newly published ISO and IEC standards
o        IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission
o        IEC/TC 3 - Preparing standards for Documentation and Graphical Symbols
o        ISO - International Organization for Standardization
§         ISO Catalogue - catalogue of all ISO Standards including drafts.
§         ISO 9000 Forum
o        IEEE
o        Computer Society Standards Activities
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